The COMPLEX SIMPLE thinking.

 The complex

We accompany our customers
from the production idea to series production.

We accompany our customers from the production idea to series production.

Implementing technical tasks in a customer-oriented and, above all, economical way.

These are everyday challenges for the development team of Steiert Präzsionsformenbau. By service, we mean, accompanying our customers in the process of developing new products from the start. The customer can rely on decades of experience paired with state-of-the-art simulation software.


We support our customers in the optimal design of a mold or optimization of a mold concept by means of software-based mold simulation. The filling of the mold, the shrinkage or distortion of the plastic part can be made visible at an early stage with the support of the simulation software and possible problems can be detected. In the same way, optimising the injection point can have a considerable impact on the quality of the plastic part. The simulation saves our customers time-consuming correction loops.


The use of simulation software offers our customers a multitude of advantages. During the simulation and subsequent optimisation of the mold, our specialists pursue the goal of achieving maximum quality for the plastic product. At the same time, we lower the production costs per piece, for example by reducing the cycle times. This is achieved, for example, by adapting wall thicknesses, optimising the injection point, or using near-contour temperature control, and much more.